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Spectralink Wireless Solutions

Spectralink wireless telephone systems provide organizations with the competitive advantage they need in today’s service-oriented and fast-paced work environment.

Totally seamless integration
with all widely used phone systems:

Digital emulation lets users access all essential features such as multi-line, call name and message waiting displays.

Durable, can withstand any everyday use:

SpectraLink combines innovative design with advanced manufacturing and testing systems to ensure a long-lasting portable handset. SpectraLink also offers accessories specially designed for various applications.

SpectraLink’s VoicePlus technology combines patented channel negotiation algorithms and digital signal processing to ensure the best voice quality currently available.

It also uses low energy radio technology to minimize the risk of interference with radiosensitive equipment.

SpectraLink offers two systems with different interfaces that integrate with almost all types of PBX phone systems, touch-key and analog services.

SpectraLink also offers voice over IP phone systems.


With its multiple interfaces, Link integrates all different PBX phone systems, touch-key and analog phone lines.

NetLink Telephony Gateway

Ideal for a business network that uses IP telephony applications.


The main components of the Link WTS system are:

  • Master Control Unit Link 6100 – Link 6300
  • Base station
  • Wireless handset


Spectralink Small Spectralink


  • Totally compatible with all widely used digital phone systems.
  • Built-in electronic messaging with e-mail, radio messaging and more.
  • Group conversations at the press of the push-to-talk key
  • Full-featured integrated system that can evolve as your business expands
  • Sophisticated digital radio technology provides consistent high quality communications
  • Light-weight wireless handsets specially designed to adapt to a variety of workplace environments
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