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Workforce mobility is a growing trend in today’s business environment. Mobility revolutionizes voice and data communications, delivering productivity gains and quicker access to information and personnel:

  • Managers can roam freely and interact within their organization while keeping constant contact.
  • Clients can immediately reach sales personnel, wherever they happen to be in the workplace.
  • Employees have quick access to IT support personnel.
  • Administrative personnel can attend to their tasks while away from their desks and always be available.
  • Warehouse personnel without access to desk phones can be reached quickly and easily.
  • Visitors or temporary employees can be supplied with a phone.
Building maintenance, installation management or security personnel can stay in constant contact with their employer.
Wireless phone systems give users the freedom to roam throughout their workplace while keeping the same connection they would normally have at their wired workstation.
Nortel’s new wireless solutions system is specially designed to serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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