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Wireless Solutions

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Increase business efficiency all through the workday by providing employees with secure, high-speed wireless access to applications, content, and preferred communication channels.

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  • Increase productivity, multi-tasking ability
  • Allow personnel to roam freely and interact within the organization while maintaining communications contact and ability
  • Optimize reaction time to client calls
  • Simplify voice communications
  • Communications are instantaneous and seamless
  • Handsets can function as extensions of a desktop phone, or can receive transferred incoming calls

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Application Examples:

Warehouse employee:
I receive updates throughout the day about changes to orders and their destinations. I need to be accessible, even when I’m operating the fork lift.

Admin. Assistant:
Multi-tasking is part of my job, and having a wireless headset makes it very easy for me to stay on top of things. I don’t miss those critical messages even when I’m away from my desk.

Stock Trader:
What’s great about wireless is the speed and ease I can address incoming calls. As soon as the phone rings, I’ve got it, and that’s important when you’re trading stocks.