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Telecom Management Solution

Telecom Management Solutions from NorthernTel allow low-cost rental of state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment as well as management, surveillance, maintenance and repair services.

Telecom Relay Solutions include:

Nortel Networks BCM system:

This hybrid system combines conventional and IP telephony applications.

Remote system management:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Add or remove features, change programs, add or remove users or modify their profiles, regular automatic updates and adjustment of features
  • Manage saved profiles, welcome messages, etc., and restore them when required
  • Preventive detection of problems and outages with guaranteed minimum downtime
  • Detailed user and traffic reports
  • Free trial period for added features
  • Add or reposition users, or modify their profiles
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Defective equipment replacement


  • Access to proven expertise. No need for specialized in-house staff.
  • Less investment in telecommunications equipment (lease instead of purchase).
  • All-inclusive (equipment, phones, maintenance) and easy-to-budget low monthly rate.
  • Access to conventional telephone applications or advanced applications based on IP convergence.
  • Scalable solution according to your company’s changing needs.
  • Instant or gradual migration to IP telephony.
  • Protection against equipment obsolescence.
  • Smooth integration of remote geographical sites.
  • Specialists provide 24-hour management and monitoring.

Choose the package that best suits your needs.






  • IP technology convergent communication system
  • Basic telephony applications
  • Telephones
  • Voice messaging
  • Maintenance
  • IP technology convergent communication system
  • Basic telephony applications
  • Telephones
  • Unified messaging (email, voice messaging, fax)
  • Maintenance
  • IP technology convergent communication system
  • IP telephony applications
  • Telephones
  • Unified messaging (email, voice messaging, fax)
  • Maintenance


  • No purchasing of costly equipment
  • Telecommunications management handled by specialists
  • Protection against equipment obsolescence
  • Scalable solution (addition of features)
  • All the benefits of the Classic bundle +
  • Productivity gains with Unified Messaging
  • All of the benefits of the Classic and Intermediate bundles
  • Centralized management: head office, subsidiaries, branches, warehouse and workers' homes
  • No more long distance calling between linked sites

Ideal for:

  • Small businesses
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs starting out in business
  • Companies with employees or representatives on the road
  • Companies that receive a lot of voice messages, email and faxes that need to be redirected
  • Companies with more than one site to manage (subsidiaries, branches, warehouse, etc.)





Telecom Management service requires high-speed Internet access with a fixed IP address or an IP address available at the customer’s site.

High-speed Internet access is necessary to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of the system as well as sufficient bandwidth to transmit certain configuration files. High-speed Internet access is not included in the monthly per-user fee and if required, it is billed separately.

Subscriptions to Telecom Management service are by contract for a minimum term of 3 or 5 years.

Subscription to this service requires a minimum of 5 users.

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