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Nortel IP Solutions

Avaya PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems handle more calls and users. These systems can meet your specific needs and are tailored to your requirements.


  • Platforms can accommodate over 100 users.
  • Scalable systems incorporate reliable and durable components that can be shared with all the IP infrastructures of an local or extended network
  • Complete line of applications and analog or digital phones
  • Complete selection of customer-adapted IP features
  • Stand-alone or networked system
  • Vast choice of essential business applications.:
    • unified messaging;
    • centralized management;
    • web-based call centre applications;
    • multimedia services over SIP;
    • and over 750 world-class telephony features.


The solution can include:

  • The call server, to guarantee reliable call management and connections.
  • A signal server, to handle important call management functions.
  • A business media gateway, to handle the complete array of circuit interfaces and digital or analog lines on all infrastructures of a local or extended network.
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