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Have more high-productivity “face-to-face” meetings with associates at a distance, with less travel.

Let NorthernTel provide and maintain the equipment and videoconference system you require to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality videoconferencing between multiple sites, wherever they are located.


  • Economical and efficient way to meet at a distance
  • As many as 48 ports available at one time
  • Reduce your company’s travel costs
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Interactive environment; share and comment on graphics or documents with ease
  • Maximize productivity; quicker decision-making
  • Quality reception, fast transmission speeds
  • Uses IP technology

Polycom PVX software: Includes a USB camera and headset
NorthernTel’s videoconference bridging solution: For pricing options contact our telecommunications specialist

Application Examples:

HR Trainer:
I used to spend more time traveling than actually training our employees. Now I can deliver one training session to employees at all of our three sites simultaneously.

Office Manager:
With NorthernTel, we not only get dependable videoconferencing service - we benefit from their high-speed data network and the fact that this bridging solution is within the region. We save big on long-distance fees!

Pitching our products outside of our region used to be cost prohibitive - now it’s as simple as reserving a conference connection online!