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Business Line

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NorthernTel offers different optional Local Access Bundles which include a Centrex*-based local business line. No matter the size of your business, Centrex provides access to about fifty advanced features to fill the most specialized business needs.

Should you decide to double or triple your phone system because your business is growing, Centrex is what you need. Centrex can also combine many locations into one completely seamless system without costly connections and junction lines.

Already have a telephone system? Local Access Centrex Bundle lines can enhance your existing telephone system and you could pay less than what you pay now while accessing more features.

The sooner you opt for one of the Local Access Bundle service, the sooner you will benefit from the advantages.

To find out more

Contact our Customer Service Department. An advisor will design your Centrex service according to your needs.

*Offered where technology available. 

Download the user guides (in PDF format) for the telephone sets connected to your Centrex system.
Centrex telephones are convenient and suitable for many businesses. Designed to fit optimally with the Centrex telephone line technology, these devices include call basic and advanced options, depending on your needs.

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