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Voicemail Upgrade

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We're Upgrading Your Voicemail

On the last weekend of October 2010, NorthernTel will be upgrading the Voicemail system for all of its customers in Ontario. The upgrade will ensure the continued quality and reliability of our service and allow the future introduction of innovative services that will improve your communications.

Accordingly, Voicemail for all NorthernTel customers who subscribe to this service will be upgraded between 6 PM Friday, October 29, 2010 and 6 AM Monday November 1, 2010.

During this transition weekend, your mailbox will continue to receive your messages. You will also be able to listen to your new messages, as well as send messages. However, you will be unable to change your personalized Voicemail greeting or password, or edit your distribution lists, as these options will be temporarily unavailable.

Your new mailbox will be active effective November 1, 2010.

After the upgrade

Once the upgrade is complete, namely effective November 1, 2010, all of your Voicemail options, such as changing your personalized Voicemail greeting, changing your password, and creating or editing distribution lists, will be fully operational.

Retrieving messages from your old mailbox

Messages that were saved in your old mailbox will be accessible for 30 days after the upgrade. During this 30-day period, when you access your new mailbox, you will be able to press 7 to access your old mailbox and retrieve new or saved messages.

Important: Any messages remaining in your old mailbox will be accessible until midnight November 30, 2010.

Changes after migration

10-digit phone number for remote access
You can listen remotely to voice messages left in your Voicemail by using a specific local access phone number. When you remotely use this access phone number, the mailbox authentication system will prompt you to dial your full 10-digit phone number (rather than the current 7 digits). Here’s how:

  1. Dial the Voicemail remote access phone number related to your region.
  2. To authenticate, enter your 10-digit phone number (3-digit area code followed by your 7-digit phone number).
  3. Enter your password.
  4. You now have access to your non-listened and saved messages and to the functions of your Voicemail.

Please take note that 10-digit dialing for phone numbers is also required if you use the Distribution List creation option in your Voicemail and when you wish to transfer a message to another person that also has a Voicemail system.

10-digit dialing mandatory effective January 15, 2011
Please note that effective January 15, 2011, 10-digit dialing will become mandatory in regions of Ontario served by the 705 area code. In anticipation of this, our Voicemail upgrade in late October 2010 will therefore include 10-digit dialing.

By-pass Greeting
The By-pass Greeeting function lets you leave a message in a voice mailbox quicker. When you will call someone with a Voicemail (or your own Voicemail), you will now have to press 9 to by-pass the personalized greeting. To do so:

  1. When you begin to hear the greeting message, press 9.
  2. You will instantly hear the “beep” tone that invites you to leave a message.
  3. Leave your message.

NEW: Dial *99 for direct access
When you are at home (or at the office, for business customers), you can now access your mailbox by simply dialing *99.

Note that this new option does not apply to business customers with a Centrex-type phone line. The procedure for accessing the voice mailbox will remain unchanged for these customers.

NEW: Remote Easy Access (new function)
A new remote Easy Access option to the Voicemail functions is now available with the new Voicemail. When you will call your own Voicemail from outside to listen to your messages remotely, you will now be able to press 1 for speedier access to your password entry and to your messages. To do so:

  1. Call your own home phone number (10-digit).
  2. When you begin to hear the greeting message, press 1.
  3. Immediately enter your password.
  4. You now have access to your voice messages and to your voice mailbox functions.

Note: if you are a business customer using a Centrex-type phone line, this function was already available before the migration of your Voicemail. You can then continue to use the "1" key for an easy access to your Voicemail remotely.

Business customers with a "public address"
As a business customer, if you have a "public address" on your phone line (meaning that the company name or phone number that is displayed for outside calls is different from the number associated to the phone line), a change of access number to the Voicemail applies to your situation.

From now on, you will need to use a new number to access your Voicemail and to activate the Call Forwarding to Voicemail function. Please consult the Voicemail Access Numbers List to find out the one that is applicable to your region.

Business customers with an "auto-attendant" function
If you have an automatic greeting menu system installed on your business telephone line, you will now have to call our Technical Support at 1-800-360-8555 to ask for modifications in your menu options.

Technical problem?

If you experience any technical problems with your Voicemail after November 1, 2010, please contact our Technical Support at 1-800-360-8555.

Call Management Services are available where technology permits.