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Advanced Voicemail - Rapid Access

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Configuring rapid access to your message

This step allows you to configure your voice mailbox which will give you a faster access your voice messages. It includes 3 sub-steps that can be made in whole or in part depending on what you want to keep as service configuration.

We suggest you:

  • To enable automatic reading and backup of your messages.
  • To remove the header message (name, time and source of the message).
  • To skip PIN entry when you access from your office telephone.

1. Pick up the receiver.
2. Dial *98 (business Centrex subscribers, dial the first 3-digit of your phone number + 9005).
3. When prompted, enter your voice mailbox PIN, followed by #.
4. When you hear the menu, press 4 for Mailbox settings.
5. Press 2 for Handsfree and Time saver options.

Press 1 for Autoplay setting.

  • If Autoplay is not activated, press 1 to activate it and press 1 again to confirm.
  • If Autoplay is activated, press * to return to Handsfree and Time saver menu.
7. Press 3 for Voicemail preferences options.
8. Press 1 for removing message header and press 1 again to confirm.
9. Press * to return to Handsfree and Time saver menu.
10. Press * to return to Mailbox settings.
11. Press 3 for Security options.
12. Press 3 for Skip PIN and press 1 to activate it.
13. Hang up.


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