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Advanced Voicemail - Record busy greeting

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Recording a personal Busy greeting

Your new Voicemail service allows you to create a Busy Greeting which will play to callers when your phone is already in use by you or another family member. This greeting is not mandatory. If you decide to not configure it, personal greeting that you defined previously will be used.

1. Pick up the receiver.
2. Dial *98 (business Centrex subscribers, dial the first 3-digit of your phone number + 9005).
3. When prompted, enter your voicemail box PIN, followed by #.
4. When you hear the menu, press 3 for Greetings menu.
5. Press 5 to record your Busy greeting.
6. At the tone, record your greeting, and then press #.
7. You will hear the greeting you just recorded.
8. Press 1 to confirm it, press 2 to change this greeting or press 3 to exit without saving the recording.
9. Press * (star) to exit.
10. Hang up.


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