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Advanced Voicemail

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Using Advanced Voicemail

Advanced Voicemail service allows your callers to leave a message in a voice mailbox. If your phone is equipped with a Message Waiting Indicator, an indicator light will blink. When you pick up the receiver, an audible signal will let you know that a message is waiting in the voice mailbox.

With Voicemail, all of your calls will be answered with a personal greeting, even when you are already on the phone or unable to answer. An intermittent dial tone or indicator light will tell you when you have messages.

Your messages are saved so that you can listen to them whenever you like, day or night, from any Touch-tone phone or cell phone.

You can listen to your messages from your home, your office or anywhere else. Voicemail is easy to use thanks to the voice prompts that tell you what to do step by step. Your Voicemail password ensures security and privacy.

Note: Advanced Voicemail service is included with Voicemail to E-Mail option.

Download the Voicemail to E-mail and advanced Voicemail User Guide (810 K PDF file).

To access your voice mailbox:
  1. Dial *98 from your phone (business Centrex subscribers, dial the first 3-digit
    of your phone number + 9005).
    (if you are calling from a different phone number, dial the Voicemail remote access number that was supplied with your subscription. Once you have entered your 10-digit telephone number and your password, follow the voice prompts).
  2. Follow the Voicemail prompts to listen to your messages, save them, or delete them, and to change your greeting and your password.
Using the Voicemail system menus:

Please refer to the « Voicemail at-a-glance » table for an outline of all the Voicemail system menus.


  • Maximum length of the greeting: 30 seconds.
  • Unheard messages are saved for: indefinitely.
  • Messages are saved for: 10 days.
  • Maximum number of messages that can be saved: 150 (including archived messages) each no more than 1 minute long.
  • If you have a phone equipped with a display screen, the screen will display "Message waiting" or "Voice mailbox" and the indicator light will blink to let you know that you have messages.
  • The distinctive (intermittent) dial tone, indicating that you have a message in your voice mailbox, will not prevent you from making or receiving calls. Call as you would normally.
  • Lost or forgotten password: call NorthernTelTechnical Support by dialing 611.
  • With Call Waiting, your unanswered calls will automatically be redirected to your Voicemail.
  • The number of rings of your Voicemail can be changed by Internet in the "Settings" tab of the Call Feature Manager.
  • With Call Forwarding, you can automatically forward your calls to Voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • In the service options, it is possible for an incoming caller to record a message even if your line is busy. A message will indicate to the caller that you are on the phone and they may leave a message for you. Please note that when the line is busy (a combination of the phone off the hook without conversation or placing of a call) the incoming call will not go to Call Waiting but will be forwarded directly to your Voicemail.
  • To change the number of ringtones before your Voicemail records messages, press *94.
  • Take note that Message Waiting Indicator (light on the phone and stutter dial tone) will not be removed when you listen to your message through your e-mail (when you configure your Voicemail to E-mail option).

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