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Rates and Bundles

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À la carte Subscription

You can subscribe separately to the Call Management Services of your choice. See the table below for the subscription rates


Main Features

Monthly Rate Business

Name and Number Display

$11 or $12 (according to the region)

Call Waiting


Voice Mail

$11 or $12 (according to the region) 

Additional Options

Monthly Rate Business

Voice Mail Plus*


Voicemail to E-mail* $5

Revertive Ringing


Visual Call Waiting*


Speed Calling 8 codes


Speed Calling 30 codes


Three-Way Calling


Call Return


Call Forwarding


Personalized Ring


Simultaneous Ring


Call Trace


NorthernTel’s Multi-Service Pack offers a combination of call management services at a lower price than for regular individual subscriptions.

Choose four (4) options among these very popular services:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Display
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Return
  • Speed Calling 8 Codes or 30 Codes
  • Revertive Ringing
  • Three-Way Calling.

    * Prerequisite
    • Voice Mail is prerequisite to Voice Mail Plus and Voicemail to E-mail.
    • Call Display and Call Waiting are prerequisites to Visual Call Waiting.

    Call Management Services are available where technology permits.