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Practical, efficient and economical, NorthernTel’s Call Management Services are valuable assistants designed to make life simpler for small enterprises that have only one business phone line.

Records your callers’ messages while you are on another call, away from your phone or when you choose not to answer.
Adds more features to Voice Mail: hear messages as they are being recorded, get 4 more voice-mail boxes, save up to 50 messages, and much more! Requires a subscription to Voice Mail.
NEW - Allows you to redirect your voice messages to an e-mail address, for instance at the office, to a web-based address such as Hotmail or to a cell phone.
Displays the number of the person calling you, even before you answer.
Keeps a caller on hold while you take another call.
Displays the name and number of a second caller while you are on the line. This service is free if you have already subscribed to Call Waiting, Call Display and Call Number.
Forwards your calls to another number, e.g. your cell phone, pager or voice mail.
Lets you talk with two other persons in two different locations.
Makes two other local phone numbers ring along with your main line.
Lets you know who a caller wants to reach in your household, by adding two more numbers on your phone line, each with its own distinctive ring.

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