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Repair and changes to existing telephone service

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Where does the Inside Wiring Terminate in Premises with Existing Telephone Service?

In premises with existing telephone service, NorthernTel terminated the entrance telephone cable at a location called the lightning protector. This was done either on the outside wall of your premises or on an inside wall location. The inside wiring from your telephone(s) may also terminate at this protector. If no demarcation block has been installed, then the protector is the separation point between the inside wire and the NorthernTel network wire.

It is NorthernTel’s policy today to place all protectors inside a Network Interface Device located on the outside of your premises, near a point close to the electrical meter. When more than two Network Access lines are required, or a retrofit takes place, NorthernTel recommends following the guidelines outlined in this document.

Although NorthernTel is no longer responsible for inside wiring, the Company will continue to complete adds, moves, changes and repairs of inside wiring in existing premises. However, you will now be charged according to Tariff rates.

Labour charges will be applied to travel time.

What do you do when you have trouble with your telephone?

If you are having trouble with your telephone:

1. First, determine whether or not there is a problem with the telephone set. Try a different telephone set in the jack before you remove or repair any of the wiring or jacks.

2. Try telephone sets in other jacks in your home. If another jack works, the problem is with your inside wiring and you are responsible for repair work.

3. If your home is equipped with a new Network Interface Device (NID) see Diagram # 1, try your telephone in the jack located at the NID mounted on the outside of your premises. If you have dial tone at the NID, the problem is with your inside wiring and you are responsible for repair work.

4. Take the following steps to find troubles:

  • Make sure that all connections have been properly made and that all wire contacts are secure.
  • Make sure that the length of the wire is not broken, split or stretched.
  • Ensure that there are no staples, nails, screws or other objects piercing the wire.
  • Ensure that proper colour match-ups have been made inside all jacks and at all connecting points.

5. Listen for troubles:

If you hear static:
The wire could be wet or pierced by a staple, nail or sharp object. Connections could be loose at a jack or connecting point.

If you hear buzzing:
A piece of wire may have come in contact with metal. Check where jacks have been secured to ensure that wires inside the jack are not touching any metal around the jack. Also check all connecting points to ensure that all colours have been matched accordingly.

If you have dead air:
Check to see if any wires have been crossed. Verify that no staples, nails or other sharp objects have pierced the wire. Verify that pins inside the jack are not touching each other and that the location where you insert the telephone cord is not damaged.

6. Once you have verified that your set is not defective and there is no dial tone at any jacks, call NorthernTel Repair Service at 611. NorthernTel will try to determine if the trouble condition exists in either the telephone wiring inside your premises or in the telephone network without a visit to your premises. There is no charge for this service if NorthernTel is your local access service provider. If the problem is with NorthernTel network there will be no charge for repairs.

If you choose to have NorthernTel or its selected contractors repair any damaged wiring or jacks inside your dwelling, charges for labour and material will apply.