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Business Long Distance

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Reduce business long distance costs with a personalized long distance rate plan and toll free service support. Simplify your accounting with one monthly statement for all your NorthernTel services.

Select a long distance plan that provides the services your business requires, while optimizing savings.


  • Custom rate plans accommodate your business needs
  • One toll free (800) number to call for support
  • One full service provider, one monthly statement
  • Bundle and save on the services you need
  • Prepaid calling cards available for you and your staff

The Business Plan
Customize and save up to 66% off your monthly long distance bill.  

Application Examples:

Mail Order Toy Manager:
In our mail order toy business, we often call customers all over North America to confirm and update information. Switching to a long distance rate plan that compliments our calling practices has saved us hundreds of dollars already.

Business Person at computer:
I was looking for Hi-Speed Internet, but I also got low-cost long distance as a pleasant bonus!

Mining Supplies CEO:
I participate in conference calls weekly with mining companies located all over the world. A plan that saves me over 50% on my long distance calls is just smart business.