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White Pages Listing

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When NorthernTel connects your phone line for the first time, you are allowed a first free listing in the directory white pages for your region.

Additional listings:

You may also, at any time, add more listings to the directory, for an additional monthly fee of $1.94 plus taxes per listing. A file registration fee of $34.65 applies if your request is made after your first-time connection. These fees apply to a reference listing or to a toll-free 800 number.

If you want to change or add a listing in the directory, call our Customer Service at 1-800-360-8555.

Adding a second line:

If you want to add a second business phone line, NorthernTelallows a first free listing for this line’s number if it is for a fax or modem.

Sample listing:

Here is an example of monthly fees for Barrette Hair Salon’s different white pages directory listings. This business has chosen to publish its coordinates under three different headings, namely under “B”, under “S” and under “H”, to assure that its number can be found no matter where you look in the directory.



Number Monthly Rate Explanation

Under the letter B

Barrette Hair Salon

699-4567 Free 1rst free listing


Fax number


Free 1rst listing for a second phone line is free


Toll-free number

1 800 699-4567 $1.94 /month Cost for listing a 800 number

$1.94 /month Cost for listing an Internet address
Under the letter S Salon Barrette Hair Salon 699-4567 $1.94 /month Cost for a 2nd listing of the primary number
Fax number 699-7890 $1.94 /month Cost for a 2nd listing of the 2nd line
Under the letter H

Hair Salon Barrette

-See Barrette Hair Salon

$1.94 /month Cost of a reference listing