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IP Virtual Private Network

IP-VPN (virtual private network) is a data communications network for business with two or more separate locations. It offers a range of access speeds and options according to the needs of each site. This network supports voice, data and video and is entirely managed by NorthernTel, including equipment and router on customer premises.

IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) is specifically designed to offer flexible data transmission speeds and service options that can satisfy the needs of business customers. With an IP-VPN, all your business sites are automatically connected to one another.

With IP-VPN:

  • Connect your remote sites to better serve their communication needs, e.g. email, directories or SAP applications.
  • Improve productivity and customer service by introducing value-added IP applications, such as online training and IP telephony.
  • Manage your inventory electronically with direct linkage to your suppliers for restocking.
  • Benefit from a reliable and secure (private) network.
  • Consolidate multiple applications (e.g. voice and data).
  • Eliminate redundancy in multiple networks and loss of bandwidth.
  • Get the most out of bandwidth and class of service – gain better control and adapt your network to your business needs.
  • Get an all-in-one solution offering first class quality and efficiency at affordable rates.

Who needs this service?

This service is for businesses that want to improve quality of data transmission by migrating to an evolved and more flexible communication network.

If in your business, you…

  • don’t have a network solution, or use a two-tier service (e.g. frame relays), and want to have a more flexible and scalable solution.
  • need a managed network solution across your different sites but don’t want to relinquish control of your network.
  • have locations where on-demand bandwidths and services classes would be useful.
  • want to integrate some sites but don’t want to migrate your whole system.
  • use a whole range of applications, some being crucial, while bandwidth needs for other applications vary.
  • need a solution to protect your business against technological obsolescence and let you concentrate on your core business instead of your network, without compromising flexibility and service…

Then, an IP-VPN is for you. You will:

  • Increase your business productivity;
  • Improve internal communication;
  • Rationalize processes;
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction.


  • Wide Area Network (WAN) entirely managed by Télébec.
  • Uses a private IP network, not the Internet.
  • Equipment installed on site at client location.
  • Simple scalable solution with choice of options and many service classes.
  • Speed from 128 Kbps to 1 GB!
  • Performance reports available with portals in some service plans; proactive overflow alerts.
  • Level 3 IP network.
  • Range of plans for unified quality control.

Fully managed service: eliminate the hassles associated to the maintenace and the management of a complex IP network, as well as, of inherent problems.  The IP-VPN service offers advantages of an entirely intergraded network, without the headaches.

Flexibility: Customized to suit your needs – Select the level of management and the edge router attributes that meet your customer’s needs.

Futur proof: IP VPN service is the foundation for new generation IP applications, such as e-business, IP inventory control, voice over IP, videoconference, etc.

Streamline processes: you can concentrate on your main activities without having to worry about communication management.

Improved communication: IP-VPN service provides transparent and secure communication between internal and external stakeholders.

Service plans available:

1. High Performance: Fully managed, more features, more options and larger range of bandwidth speeds (up to 1Gig). More robust architecture.

2. Enhanced: Fully managed, contains the majority of the features and is only available at lower speeds (64kbps to 4Mbps). More price competitive.

3. Basic: Offers fewer options and basic management. (64 kbps to 4 Mbps).

4. Remote: Limited features and basic management. Provides our customers the capability to connect their sites nationally.

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