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Power Back-Up

Our line of electrical protection equipment is designed to safeguard telephone and computer systems against power fluctuations.

From simple voltage surge protection to the most sophisticated power supply, we can objectively evaluate the products you might need.

We believe that understanding the advantages and disadvantages of all possible solutions is essential to eliminating power supply problems.

With proper protection of your equipment, you enjoy higher quality performance. In the long term, your investment will reduce your operating costs by insuring your business processes are not interrupted.



  • Better protection for your phone and computer systems.
  • Savings on equipment repair, because no maintenance plan or guarantee covers electrical surges.
  • A reliable electrical supply that won’t affect your business processes
  • Customer satisfaction due to your equipment’s uninterrupted service.
  • Prolong your system’s life span.
  • No need for a dedicated power outlet.
  • Efficient protection against lightning strikes.
  • A profitable investment.

Superior Batteries:

  • First quality and durability
  • Constant watch of the battery status
  • Unique load capacity
  • Replacement of batteries without phone system closing
  • Additional batteries to increase autonomy to up to 48 hours
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