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Rate plans

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NorthernTel Mobility's paging service offers not only freedom of movement but also freedom in how you pay for the service!

In fact, NorthernTel Mobility lets you choose:

  • to sign a one year agreement with monthly payments;
  • to make an annual payment of $129;
  • or even to pre-pay your service for six months for $75!

When you opt for our prepaid paging service, you also benefit from special prices on the purchase of one of our pagers. So, not only do you avoid the bother of monthly bills, you also get great savings.

The "prepaid beep" gives you regional coverage. If you need wider coverage, you must pay for it in advance.

Customers with a monthly payment plan can add or remove features or add additional coverage on line.

For more information about our plans, please email us or call us at 1-800-360-8555.