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Alphanumeric feature

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Why settle for just numbers when you could receive text messages?
With NorthernTel Mobility’s alphanumeric paging service, you can now receive a text message of up to 200 characters via our Web site. Even when no computer is available, anyone can still send you a numeric message via telephone.

Rate plan
To use the alphanumeric feature, first you need an alphanumeric pager. Then, all you have to do is add the alpha feature to your numeric service for only $3.50 per month! So, why wait to revolutionize your communications?

Service areas
The alphanumeric feature is available in areas where NorthernTel Mobility's numeric service is offered : Timmins, Englehart, New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake.

To get an alphanumeric pager or more information on the alpha feature, consult our authorized dealers list to find the dealer closest to you.