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Scoopsoft for the Wood Products Industry

With Scoopsoft: automate, streamline, and manage, simply and efficiently.

Scoopsoft is a fully integrated management system. Scoopsoft for the wood products industry is specifically designed for this market sector. It groups all pertinent management information in one same system that is populated by your company's different departments.

Scoopsoft lets you automate, streamline and manage every aspect of your business more effectively, from production to inventory management, including sales, transport management, accounting, purchasing, payroll, human resources, etc.

The following modules are available:


Financial management

Manage receivables, payables, assets, capital projects, financial reports, etc.


Create and manage inventories of any type of wood product, using the unit of measure of your choice.


Plan and track every stage of production; and control costs and idle time.


Help your sales staff prepare online bids from the available sales inventory, track their sales profitability, meet promised delivery dates, etc.


Evaluate your carriers' performance; select the most cost-effective carrier according to the product and the destination, etc.

Purchasing, receiving and inventory of wood and other raw materials

Integrate your weighing and measuring systems with Scoopsoft to facilitate payment of your suppliers and lumber contractors, and to manage your inventories more efficiently.

Purchasing, receiving, and parts inventories

Optimize your purchasing, equipment requisition, and parts inventory processes, etc.

Payroll and human resources

Manage payroll and employee-related activities.

Performance indicators and management reports

Access accurate, up-to-date, real-time information in the form of tables and graphs. Analyze the performance of each department. Make well-informed business decisions thanks to decision support functions.


Facilitate communications with your enterprise: give your clients the option of tracking their order status via a secure Web connection.



A portal offers a single gateway via the Internet, providing secure access to all Scoopsoft modules, anytime, anywhere.

To talk about Scoopsoft and what it can do for you, contact one of our telecommunications advisors today.

Scoopsoft is a solution of Bell Business Solutions, marketed by NorthernTel. Scoopsoft is a Bell trademark.
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