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Web Presence

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Add credibility, expand your marketing efforts, and increase your customer base economically by creating a personalized domain name or a Website and establishing an online presence for your business.

Register your business domain name with NorthernTel. Whether you create a website or use only the personalized email addresses ( that come with registration, you’ll promote your business with a credible present and protect your company name on the Web. Additional email addresses are also available.


  • Create credibility and professionalism
  • Expand your market, competitive advantage
  • Domain names are easy to remember, search and find
  • Personalized email address promote your organization and name
  • Economical and easy to register
  • Domain registration protects your company name on the Web (you can reserve it now for future use)

Domain name registration

Contract Term Single Payment
1 year Not available
2 years $37.95
3 years $54.95
4 years $67.95
5 years $79.95

Hosting of your Website : starting at $8.75 per month.

Application Examples:

Roofing Manager: Until I provided a way for customers to contact our roofing company online, I didn’t realize how many people use the Internet to get estimates. Now we’re booking jobs two months in advance!

Stained Glass Artist: Now that I have a website to feature my designs, I’m accepting orders from across the country.

Bed and Breakfast: It’s amazing how many of our guests find our Bed and Breakfast by searching the Internet. Last weekend we hosted visitors from France and Australia!

Floral Co. Owner: Providing images of the floral arrangements we offer online has really given us a competitive edge. Now our customers can see exactly what they’re sending before they order it!