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FAXmail service

Do you still receive paper faxes? Get FAXmail.

FAXmail is a fax-to-email service from NorthernTel. With FAXmail, incoming faxes are routed to an electronic dropbox that only you can access and retrieve... anywhere, anytime... just as you do with e-mail.

And like e-mails, it's completely secure and private... sensitive information isn't sitting in the fax tray.

In fact, with FAXmail, you might find that you have no need for the tray, or the fax machine, or the fax line or the fax supplies.

$19.95 Cost of FAXmail service per month per user
2 hours of fax connection time or 180 pages
$9.95 One time setup charge for new subscribers
$3.95 Each additional half hour of FAXmail connection time


To find out more about this service or to subscribe, please call one of our Internet representatives at 1-800-360-8555.


You will benefit from all of the following right from your FAXmail:

Convenience - Through an assigned local fax number, a user can receive faxes and retrieve them from their e-mail box. Wherever a customer owns a FAXmail fax number, they have a local point of presence. The fax is received locally and is transmitted to an e-mail address anywhere in the world.

Mobility - Any user can pick up faxes via the Internet. For traveling business people who can log into the Internet in different cities, all faxes will be retrievable when logging into their e-mail box. This feature has increased value with our National Roaming for our Internet service.

Affordability - This service costs less per month than a business telephone line that most people install to connect their fax machine. With the cost of a business telephone line per month and a plain fax machine priced around $600, FAXmail is an affordable and sensible solution.

Security and Privacy - Since the fax goes directly to the user's e-mail box, it is not viewed by anyone else.

Reliability - Never Busy Fax. - By sharing lines, a sender will get his fax through 99% of the time. The user can also receive multiple faxes simultaneously.


See also our FAXmail Installation Instructions.

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