SMBs and the information technologies (IT)

Some think that SMBs only need the basic version of a technological solution designed for big business. However, the opposite is true. SMBs have to use the same equipment, software and applications to be competitive. They need, and deserve, just as many advanced features to manage their inventory, their finances, or their production.

That's all well and good, you say, but they also have to have the means and resources to afford the IT equipment, as well as make the most of everything it offers.

According to the NetPME survey conducted by CEFRIO, 65% of small and medium-sized businesses do not have an in-house IT expert. So, the situation is widespread. The solution to offset this lack of resources is to subcontract the management of your systems, networks and equipment to outside experts. Outsourcing is a new trend in IT. Businesses that do this actually maximize their IT potential. Outsourcing also provides access to the most advanced technology and resources on the market, without having to invest massive amounts.

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