Cool Gift Ideas

Wondering what to give the people in your life? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

For Your Geek Brother-In-Law: The Portable Blu-Ray Super Multi-Drive

Read and write Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and even CDs no matter where you are with this portable burner from Amex Digital. In addition to being ultra-convenient, it is lightweight (360 g) and very sleek (available in black or white). Visit the Amex site for more details.

For the Knowledge-Hungry Student: An E-Reader

Easy to use, the Kindle wireless reading device enables you to download books and newspapers and read them on a high-resolution screen. The only caveat, files must be downloaded from the Amazon website. For more details, visit the Amazon website.

For the Fashionista: the Heart Beat USB Memory Key

Who says USB keys can't be stylish and elegant? Certainly not the Swarovski company! Their heart pendant USB key has a 1 GB capacity. A beautiful blend of fashion and technology. For more details, visit the Swarovski website.


For the Boss without a Secretary: the Pulse Smartpen

Don't miss a word at your meetings and conferences with the Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe. Equipped with a microphone, a USB connector, and an infrared camera, this new generation pen is more like a computer than a writing tool. Visit the Livescribe website for more details.

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