Working With Two Monitors Is Doubly Efficient!

Have you ever needed to print two documents just so you could compare them better or to zoom in on an image so closely that you lost track of the overall file? Without a doubt, the solution to this situation is a workstation with two monitors. In addition to doubling your desktop and document display area, you’ll be able to work comfortably on more than one project at a time.

Call the experts at NorthernTel for help configuring your and your employees' workstations. Your subscription to the Remote Assistance service gives you access to advice and online support from our team of IT technicians.

Need a second monitor ? Our IT equipment advisors offer you LG and Acer display at special price.

LG Acer

For more information on these products, call a NorthernTel IT Solutions specialist at 1-800-567-6399, ext. 7774.

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